Heritage Records is the music arm of Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries Inc. and the producer of all the songs by Pastor Mrs, Ifeoma Eze, who happens to be the CEO. Over the years, this great recoding studio have worked with great talented and seasoned professionals in the industry to produce inspiring gospel songs for for young gospel artists.

Heritage Records have an array of associated producers available for projects, as well as a roster of talented and seasoned professional players that we can recommend. Our production team can be on hand to assist with gathering ideas for the project, selecting songs and/or session musicians, proposing changes to the song arrangements, producing the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions and supervising the entire process from the all-important pre-production stage, right through to the final mastering stage.

Heritage Records is one of the premier SSL recording and mixing studios in the Abuja. Based around a fantastic SSL AWS 900 +SE DELTA Control console and stunning Prism ADA-8XR Converters, our recording studio offers seclusion and privacy to recording artists. The studio is one of the most comprehensively equipped recording studios in the F.C.T., offering pre-production, recording, and mixing to artists, with matchless facilities and highly skilled, experienced sound engineers and producers.