Here at Heritage Records Studio, we can help you create a demo CD or Live Show reel which will grab the attention of any booker, radio station, casting director, radio presenter, and the like.

So you want to stand out from the crowd whilst showcasing your art the best possible way? Well this is where a vocal demo CD, live demo, or live show reel can really come in handy depending on your requirements.

No matter how many years you’ve spent perfecting your craft, without a demo you’re unlikely to be able to exploit the full potential of your talent. But don’t worry, thats where we come in!

A Live Vocalist Solo Demo

Record vocals to the backing track of your choice. Ideal for stage and drama students, vocalists of all styles and experience levels. Be the lead vocalist on your favourite gospel pop, rock, jazz or show song.

The Live Lounge Demo

Want to boost your chances of securing live performances and festival spots? Our Live Lounge Demo can really help to showcase your talent. This package is suitable for solo artists, with an accompanying player, or a duo. Record your vocals with instruments to an original song or cover in one take, offering your prospective collaborators with a small taste of what you can do.

* Up to two people can take this package

A Live Showreel (with video)

We can create a live showcase of what you can do. Capturing your vocals or band live performance in one go. We record your live demo, then take to the stage and bring it all to life.

We boast one of the premier SSL recording and mixing studios in Abuja, and have many years experience working with vocal coaches, stage schools and up and coming talent, which allows us to create that stand out demo your after.